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Q: What are the benefit changes to the LiveUp membership programme?

A: From 1st July 2019, all LiveUp members will enjoy:  


-4% rebate* on every LazMall order  


-4% rebate* on every RedMart order  

-Free delivery above $40 on RedMart  

-Enjoy LiveUp exclusive deals on RedMart  

*rebate earned is capped at $50 per month across LazMall and RedMart


-Enjoy 2 months of Netflix for LiveUp membership year  


-8 Free delivery of S$3 each for Foodpanda orders above S$20  


-Bonus Chope-Dollars per reservation    


-LiveUp exclusive deals 


-Enjoy $88 off all Anywhr Trips year-round


-Enjoy $30 OFF hotel bookings on Agoda


-Enjoy 2 months FREE subscription

View Partners Terms & Conditions here

Q: Do I still enjoy 8% LiveUp rebate if I check out using a Citi Credit Card?  

A: This promo has already ended as of 31 May 2019.  

Q: How much does the LiveUp membership cost?

With effect from 1st July 2019,   

Annual subscription plan costs $59.90  

Monthly subscription plan costs $5.99   

Q: Where I can find my membership status on Lazada.sg?  

A: You can find your membership status on the My Account tabs.  

For App: Go to Account >Services > LiveUp. When you click on ‘LiveUp’ you will be able to see your current subscription and its renewal or expiry date.

For Web: Go to Manage My Account > LiveUp Membership. When you click on ‘LiveUp Membership’ you will be able to see your current subscription and its renewal or expiry date.

Q: How long will an annual LiveUp membership plan last?  

A: Each Annual membership lasts for 12 months and begins from the day when we have successfully charged the subscription fee to your card.  

Q: How long will a monthly LiveUp membership plan last?

A: Each Monthly membership lasts for 30 days and begins from the day when we have successfully charged the subscription fee to your card.  

Q: How can I cancel my subscription?

A: In light of these changes, you are able to cancel your LiveUp subscription and receive a pro-rated refund within our grace period till 31 August 2019. Find out more here.    

More discounts, promotions, rewards, savings for LiveUp members

A unique lifestyle membership programme for the digitally savvy Singapore consumers that's all about more discounts. More rewards. More shiok savings. More exclusive promotions. All in one place.

LiveUp is targeted at supporting the lifestyle of the digitally native consumers by consolidating frequently used lifestyle services into one program, partnering with recognizable brands under the Alibaba Group such as Lazada and RedMart, as well as other eminent brands like Netflix, Grab, foodpanda, Chope, and SISTIC. LiveUp aims to ease the lives of digital consumers and enable them to live up!

Enjoy LiveUp Benefits from our Partners: LazMall, RedMart, Netflix, Grab, Chope, Foodpanda and SISTIC

To enable consumers to live the LiveUp way, subscribers enjoy the following benefits: 

- 4% rebate on ever LazMall order 

- 4% rebate, free delivery above $40 and members-only promotions on RedMart 

- $3 off every 3rd non-promotional ride on Grab 

- Activate 2 months of Netflix for every LiveUp membership year 

- Free delivery for foodpanda orders above $20 

- Get bonus Chope-Dollars per reservation made via the Chope app or www.chope.co  

- LiveUp-exclusive discounts to events on SISTIC

- 2 months FREE subscription on Storytel

- $88 off all Anywhr Trips year-round 

- $30 OFF hotel bookings on Agoda 

These benefits are designed to make the lives of consumers easier; in the way they travel, shop and entertain themselves. This is the first partnership of its kind, in Singapore, Southeast Asia and globally. Sign up now to enjoy the most prime benefits from the most established digital lifestyle services in Singapore.

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